• 14 rooms

    We have 14 rooms which all have their own unique décor. 10 of these rooms are found on the ground floor and have their own outside terrace overlooking nature. On the first floor, we have the other 4 rooms which are slightly larger.



Enjoy your own outside terrace or your French balcony. This way you can enjoy the panoramic view of the surrounding farmland or the nearby forest.

  • Ground floor: outside terrace
  • 1st floor: French balcony
  • Few bathrooms with bath
  • Sleeping couch for 3rd or 4th person


These rooms are very suitable for 2 persons. Some of these rooms offer a connecting door. Ideal when you are traveling as a family or with friends but still would like to retain certain privacy.

  • Ground floor: outside terrace
  • Bathroom with spacious shower and toilet
  • Very suitable for 2 persons


These are the most spacious rooms we offer (40m2).

  • Bathroom with spacious shower and a luxurious bath
  • Suitable for 4 persons
  • Extra bed for 5th person (on request)